Thursday, July 23, 2015

Interview with Gnod

It's been slow going, but when I scored an interview with Gnod I was over the M.O.O.N. as it were (jk, his music is great). Paddy of Gnod one time sent me a free digital copy of In Gnod We Trust just because I asked him. I spent meticulous hours coming up with my questions and finally sent them to the group, they're response has certainly changed the way I view their music.

Hey [Mother's Denim Jacket]

I have just done an interview for a  large publication that is very similar questions to this mate, im not sure I can bring myself to go over it again. I could just cut n paste the answers but that would not be right.

Maybe we should do this another time?



It's another one for the history books, people. Frost/Nixon, Frank Sinatra/That guy who wrote about his cold, and finally Spencer/Gnod. Yeah, so hopefully I'll come up with some better questions in the future and finally earn recognition from a musican. In the meantime, everyone should listen to Gnod's recent album Infinity Machines because it's dope as all fuck.