Saturday, May 30, 2015

Interview with M.O.O.N.

You know how much I love Hotline Miami and all it's crazy music, right? Well I finally scored an interview with M.O.O.N, one of the major creative forces behind the HLM soundtrack. It's certainly been an enlightening experience. Here it is in full:

Me: Hello, my name is [REDACTED]. I am writing to request an interview for my personal music blog. I have always been a fan of your music and would be very interested to ask you a number of questions about your creative process, influences, future projects, etc. I know you must be busy so please do not feel obligated to respond, but if you are free I would be more than pleased to send you some questions via email which you could answer at your leisure or we could organize an interview over the phone or Skype at a later date. Thanks very much for your time.

Moon: What's the blog?

Please forgive iPhone mistakes

Me: It's a blog that I just started that I might publish into a zine. You can visit it at if you want, but there really isn't much to see just yet.

Moon: No thanks

It's true what they say, the stars are always more humble in person or should I say the...M.O.O.N?

You can buy his music from this website:

I particularly enjoy his MOON EP, hope you like it too.

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